1. In order radio to start up please wait 5 sec. If the radio doesn’t start, refresh the page and press play.
  2. This radio is a university radio and it does not broadcast an advertisement.
  3. Make sure to open the recording program that we used on the computer before every each broadcast and keep it open until the end of the broadcast.
  4. Please be careful to co-ordinate with the radio technical team and have the necessary equipment with you for the duration of the broadcast. Otherwise, be aware that you will be held responsible for any problems or problems that may occur in the radio and the broadcast.
  5. Do not overlap or interrupt the broadcast time given to you. If you will not broadcast for a valid reason, you will need to report the status to the Radio Directorate, one day before the broadcast time.
  6. You need to announce the programs in our Social Media accounts before being on-air by tagging @IBURadio account.
  7. It is important for radio to use jingle during our broadcasting. Use jingle every 5 mins.
  8. Do not create any discourse that will involve politics.
  9. Please inform Radio Directorate for the persons that you are planning to have as guests.
  10. While broadcasting it is forbidden to consume food.

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